A Detailed Guide To How To Shampoo Carpet

Even if you regularly clean the carpet with a vacuum cleaner, you cannot avoid having your carpet dirty after a period of use. So how to shampoo carpet? See the answer in this article!

How frequently should you shampoo the carpet?

Carpets may often accumulate a lot of filth and musty odors without you realizing it since you see them every day. As a result, you may only sometimes detect modest improvements in the cleanliness of your carpet! Even if you don't believe it's necessary, you should clean your carpet at least once a year.

Consider cleaning it every 6 months if you have pets or small children. This will keep your carpet fresh and clean at all times, and the more you clean it, the simpler it will become.

What tools and materials you'll need to shampoo the carpet

shampoo the carpet

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To shampoo a carpet, you'll need the following supplies:

  • Vacuum cleaner

  • Cleaning solution

  • Clean white cloth

  • Pretreatment stain remover

  • Carpet cleaning machine

  • Oscillating

  • Baking soda, salt (optional)

  • White vinegar, a spray bottle (optional)

How to shampoo carpet

Prepare the space.

Though there may most likely be a few huge, heavy items that you will have to work around, you should remove as much of the furniture as possible from the area. If you're using a steam cleaner, put aluminum foil or plastic wrap over the legs of any remaining furniture.

Then vacuum to remove any loose debris, dust balls, or pet hair. While this may seem excessive, remember that dust bunnies and pet hair, in particular, may block a steam cleaner's intake. It's preferable to spend the time vacuuming this material up dry than to get a wet, stinky clog out of the machine later. 

Stains should be pretreated.

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Pretreat these areas after vacuuming with carpet stain remover or a combination of one part white vinegar to three parts cold water.

If you've never used this remover or solution on your carpet before, try it for colorfastness first. Choose an out-of-the-way location, such as one normally concealed by furniture. Apply a tiny bit of the solution, let it dry for a few minutes, and then dab it with a white cloth or paper towel. If any dyes or color bleeding is visible, do not apply the solution to the remainder of the carpet.

Clean the carpet thoroughly.

Although carpet shampoo and a steam cleaner need less time and work, you can still deep-clean carpet using a vacuum, home cleansers, and a little elbow sweat.

  • Making use of a Vacuum

You have a few choices for cleaning thoroughly without needing specialized equipment. These procedures work best when working on a tiny area of carpet at a time, such as a 3'x3' square. You may purchase dry, foamy, and wet shampoos or create your own using basic home items.

One effective way for odor removal is to mix equal parts baking soda and salt and sprinkle it over the carpet. Fill a spray bottle halfway with cold water and spritz the carpet until moist but not drenched. Using a scrub brush, massage the moist powder into the carpet pile in one direction first, then at a 90-degree angle. Scoop up any excess powder, allow the carpet to dry, then vacuum up the remainder.

You may use the same baking soda and salt procedure if you have access to steam equipment other than a carpet cleaner, such as a clothes steamer or steam mop. To dampen the powder, however, you will use a steamer rather than a spray bottle. After that, continue with the scrub brush.

In a spray bottle, you may also treat the carpet with the vinegar-and-water solution. Check for colorfastness again before dampening a square at a time with the solution. Allow it to rest for approximately five minutes before blotting the excess water and vinegar with a microfiber towel and washing it periodically in clean water.

If the procedure is too long, you can choose to buy the best carpet cleaner, then you just need to pour the carpet shampoo mixed with water, and you can clean the carpet like you are using a vacuum cleaner to clean the floor.

  • Making use of a carpet shampooer


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Carefully read the instructions.

Water temperature, quantity and concentration of soap, power levels, and other variables are likely to be customizable. Some are meant to be pushed back and forth like vacuums, while others can only be dragged backward.

Generally, fill the water tank. 

It may be detachable or permanent. However, it should not be filled over the top water level line. There will be a separate tank for carpet shampoo or cleaner; use a solution suitable for the cleaning equipment. Because hot water and steam will handle most of the cleaning, it's better to use too little shampoo than too much.

You are now ready to begin cleaning the carpet. 

It's best to begin in one corner and clean in parallel lines as near to the wall as possible. This ensures that you don't get all locations and that steamers designed to be pushed only in one way operate effectively. Keep in mind that the machine injects steam and soap into the carpet before vacuuming it up again, which takes time. 

Note: Keep an eye on the water levels in the different tanks and empty the collecting tank when it becomes full. Continue until the water in the collecting tank is clear or almost so. To remove all soap residue, perform one pass with shampoo and the remainder with steam.

Allow the carpet to dry.

Unless you utilize a dry shampoo, you must allow the carpet to dry fully before permitting foot traffic. The room size, carpet thickness, and ambient humidity will determine the drying time. Drying time should be between six and eight hours.

A powerful oscillating or box fan, as well as opening windows and doors, may assist in speeding up the process.

Tips for keeping carpets cleaner for longer

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Here are some additional cleaning ideas and tactics to help you maintain your carpets and extend the time between thorough cleanings:

  • Vacuum at least once a week, and more often if you have pets or track in dirt.

  • Change your vacuum bag and filters as directed to ensure that your vacuum operates at peak performance.

  • Brush your dogs often (outside when feasible) to decrease the number of loose hairs on the carpet.

  • Stains should be treated as soon as they appear.

  • Use doormats or machine-washable area rugs at all doorways to limit the quantity of dirt and soil taken.

  • When you enter your house, take off your shoes.

  • Know what kind of carpet you have and how to clean it properly.


Should I use hot water to scrub my carpet?

Fill the clean tank with hot (not boiling) tap water after removing the carpet cleaner. Hot water cleans better than cold water, but if you boil it, you risk melting portions of your carpet cleaner.

How often do you scrub the carpet until the water runs clear?

It's common for home carpet cleaners to take eight or even ten passes before the water flows clear. This is particularly true if your carpet hasn't been deep-cleaned for a long time.

Is vinegar safe to use while washing carpets?

The quick answer is that you should not use vinegar to clean your carpets. Although vinegar may be a natural disinfectant for cleaning, it cannot remove dirt or filth from a surface or carpet.

Final words

With the instructions above, you know how to shampoo carpets. Hopefully, through this article, you will find the best carpet shampoo to make carpet cleaning more effective.

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