Does The Magnetic Window Cleaner Work: A Detailed Explanation


Does The Magnetic Window Cleaner Work: A Detailed Explanation

We still regularly use the magnetic window cleaner to clean the windows. However, we often wonder: Does the magnetic window cleaner work? The answer will be clarified in this article. Please scroll down and read it!

What is a magnetic window cleaner? Magnetic Window Cleaner Double Side Glass Wiper for High-Rise  Double Glazed Window with Thickness 0.5"-1" (15-24mm) Magnetic Window  Cleaning Tool Glass Cleaner (Coffee) : Health & Household


A magnetic window cleaner is a plastic gadget with two magnetic pieces that adhere to the glass from both sides. The one-half from the inside has a handle to grasp on when guiding the cleaner. Most cleaners come with a string that may be up to six meters long for safety reasons.

Does the magnetic window cleaner work?

The short answer is yes. You should own a magnetic window cleaner because it helps you a lot in cleaning windows. Here are a few reasons for this assertion:

Lyrics Creation Magnetic Window Cleaner Double-Side Glazed Two Sided Glass  Cleaner Wiper with 2 Extra Cleaning Cotton Cleaner Squeegee Washing  Equipment Household Cleaner : Home Improvement


  • One window washing gadget that combines a sponge (or cloth) with a squeegee.

  • They are simple to store since they take up little room.

  • You clean from both sides at the same time. When done correctly, this reduces the work in half.

  • If you have trouble accessing windows in your apartment or home, this might be one of your options.

  • This may be useful if you live on a higher level and don’t want to risk your life merely to clean the top outside corner of your windows.

  • They are simple to locate, and most of them are reasonably priced.

  • The majority of cleaners use replacement sponges.

  • They are compatible with any form of window, including single and double glass windows.

Cons of the magnetic window cleaner Double-sided Magnetic Window Cleaner Glass Wiper for Double  Glazed Windows with Thickness of 0.5"-1.0"(15-24mm) Useful Glass Cleaning  Tools : Health & Household


Although the magnetic window cleaner has a number of advantages, some limitations cannot be avoided:

  • Danger to one’s safety

For cleaning windows that don’t open or windows on higher levels of your home, magnetic window cleaners are not the greatest option. If your window will not open, there is no way to place the device’s outer side onto the windowpane without using a ladder.

  • Magnets that are too powerful

Manufacturers often make the magnets extra powerful to prevent the tool from getting unstuck. While this ensures that the tool remains in place, it may be difficult to rotate the tool around the windowpane and clean the whole pane. Grappling with the instrument will not result in a thorough cleaning.

  • It is time-consuming

You must eventually decide if it is worthwhile to test out this cutting-edge device. If you’re trying to line up the magnets and get the cleaning surfaces exactly perfect, you may as well clean the panes one at a time.

How to use magnetic window cleaner clhjinruoliu Magnetic Window Cleaner Brush, Triangle Window  Cleaner Glass Wiper Glass Washing Tool for Double Windows with 15~24 MM  Thickness : Health & Household


A bucket, dishwashing liquid or all-purpose liquid cleanser, and elbow grease are the only things you’ll need in addition to the equipment. The following is a step-by-step summary of the procedure:

  • Pour a small amount of the cleaning solution into a pail of warm water. Window cleaning detergents are not required.

  • Make bubbles in the water by stirring it. This cleaning procedure requires soapiness since it allows the device to slide easily over the window surface.

  • Separately immerse the two pieces of the magnetic window cleaners in water. Wait to put them together (You will get an explanation about that below).

  • To make froth, rub the sponges together. More bubbles indicate that the instrument will clean more easily.

  • Keep the bigger piece on the inside with the handle. Place the smaller piece outside the window and keep it from dropping by tying it to the window handle with twine. This is optional, but it’s always best to be safe than sorry. Alternatively, grip the rope and pull it towards you to shut the window.

  • Clamp the two halves together and begin cleaning! Slowly.

  • Always wipe with a sponge/cloth first to remove all dirt before using the squeegee blade. Some goods even include an arrow to indicate which way to move.

  • Using a zigzag motion, clean horizontally from top to bottom. Move gently and patiently.

  • Moving the cleaner to the nearest edge when you approach the bottom of your window. Then, gradually separate the magnets.

  • Place the microfiber cloth on both magnetic components to eliminate any stains and give your windows a sparkling appearance. Then, spritz the cloths with a little cleaning solution or clear water and glide the magnets over the whole width of the glass.

  • When you’re through cleaning the windows, store the magnetic cleaner with the spacer between the magnetic pieces.


What do professional window cleaners use?

The second most crucial factor is to clean the glass using the proper instrument. The pros use a lambswool instrument to brush against the glass. This instrument is soaked in the water solution, and the specialists utilize a sweeping motion to remove the dirt from the glass.

How frequently should you clean the inside of your windows?

Window cleaning should be done at least once or twice a year, plus as required, and should include at least one cleaning of any window screens.

Why do my windows seem smudged after I wipe them?

The rate of evaporation is a major issue. When you clean your windows on a hot, bright day, the liquid half of the solution evaporates fast, leaving a residue that looks like streaks. However, if the liquid is not completely removed, you may have a streaky window.

Final words

Surely, with the above analysis, you have got the answer to the question: Does the magnetic window cleaner work? Hope you will soon find the best magnetic window cleaner to make cleaning windows easier and faster.

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