Can You Use Granite Cleaner On Quartz?


Can You Use Granite Cleaner On Quartz?

Granite cleaner is a multi-purpose cleaner. However, many opinions ask: Can you use granite cleaner on quartz? This article will answer that question for you. Scroll down and read on!

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Let’s first discuss what granite cleaning is. Crystalline quartz and feldspar are the main ingredients of granite countertops, along with a variety of additional minerals.

In addition to being fairly stain-proof and heat resistant, the mixture prevents them from absorbing whatever you put on them, including oil, vinegar, and red wine.

Granite surfaces can only be cleaned with granite cleaner. The filth and stains on the surface of your countertops will be scrubbed away by the sodium hydroxide it often includes. That includes rust spots, coffee stains, soap scum accumulation, and oil stains.

To know the answer whether you can use granite cleaner on quartz, let us analyze the advantages and disadvantages of using granite cleaner on quartz.

The advantages of using granite cleaner on quartz


1. The majority of granite cleaners are also designed for quartz.

Because quartz countertops are constructed of natural stone that is comparable to granite, it makes sense to develop cleansers for both.

The distinction is that quartz countertops might be more sensitive to cleansers because of the resins used to link the natural stones.

As a result, you must ensure that the granite cleaner is built for engineered stone. This ensures that you are using a safe product for your quartz countertops.

2. If it is free of ammonia

If the cleaner does not include ammonia, you may also use it on your quartz countertops.

Ammonia is a strong chemical that, over time, may harm the quartz stone and its resins. So, if you read the contents and it doesn’t contain ammonia, go ahead and use it.

If you need more clarification, seek cleansers that claim to be safe for natural or manufactured stone.

You should also seek non-acidic granite cleansers. While most natural stones can withstand acids, quartz is very sensitive to them and will be harmed if the cleaner is too acidic.

3. If it’s a multi-purpose cleaner

Another feature to look for in a granite cleaner is an all-purpose cleaner.

Because quartz countertops are engineered stones, they might be more sensitive to certain items like cleansers.

As a result, an all-purpose cleaning solution will be better for your quartz countertops than stone cleansers created exclusively for a certain kind of stone.

This is because most all-purpose cleansers are designed to be moderate and friendly on all stone kinds.

If none of these items are specified, you should avoid using that granite cleaning on your quartz countertops.

Most people have this installed to protect their counters from spills and stains, but you will need to remove it before cleaning.

Granite cleaners may remove some sealants and waxes, as well as grime, stains, and other debris from the surface.

4. If the granite cleaner you choose does not include bleach

Granite cleaners that do not contain bleach should not be used on quartz worktops. Quartz is a natural stone that may be destroyed by chemicals such as chlorine-containing bleach.

Chlorine will not only harm your quartz countertops, but it will also harm other natural stones.

So, if you check the contents and it includes bleach, avoid it.

Avoid using granite cleansers that include acids such as hydrochloric acid and sulfuric acid since they may harm the quartz countertops over time.

If you need clarification on the chemicals in your granite cleaner, search for new cleansers that are particularly designed to be safe for engineered or natural stone.

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1. Granite cleaner might leave a residue on your quartz countertop.

Granite cleansers are designed to go deep into the stone to clean it since granite worktops are porous.

Because quartz is non-porous, the granite cleaner’s penetrating function may not operate on it.

That is, the cleaner you apply will merely rest on the surface of the quartz countertop rather than sink, allowing the cleaner to build up over time.

This means dirt, germs, and crud will accumulate on your quartz countertops over time.

2. Granite cleaner might cause the product’s sealant or wax to wear off.

Another disadvantage of using granite cleaning on quartz countertops is the possibility of removing the sealer or wax. This may lead your quartz to absorb everything that comes into touch with it.

Although quartz is not porous, this kind of damage might be difficult to remove afterward. It may also produce permanent etching on your quartz surfaces.

Because granite cleaner is designed to remove debris from your countertops, it will also remove any sealer or wax that has been applied.

Can you use granite cleaner on quartz

Through the above analysis, it can be concluded that granite cleaner can completely be used on quartz. If we know how to use it properly, granite cleaner will promote the advantages and reduce the disadvantages

How often should you clean quartz?

Although you do not need to thoroughly clean quartz countertops every time you use them, we suggest washing them down after each use.

Quartz countertops are generally low-maintenance, so cleaning them with a moist cloth is sufficient. Remember that non-abrasive cleansers and applicators work best on certain surfaces, so the less aggressive you are, the better.


How frequently should granite cleaning be used?

Wipe off your granite counters once a week with a moist cloth and a stone cleaner with a neutral pH. Even if you believe the stain or mess requires it, never use strong chemicals or abrasive cleansers on your counters.

Is there a difference between granite and quartz cleaner?

To put it another way, granite is a natural stone, but quartz is not. If you know how to clean real stone, the technique for cleaning quartz is virtually the same, and both are easy to maintain regularly.

Is it OK to use granite cleaner on marble?

Granite Gold Clean & Shine cleans and polishes at the same time. Granite Gold Clean & Sheen not only restores the brilliance and shine of your marble surfaces but also leaves a pleasant citrus aroma. It’s also suitable for granite, travertine, limestone, slate, and tile.

Final words

Surely, through this article, you have the answer to the question: Can you use granite cleaner on quartz? We hope you choose the best granite cleaner to make cleaning easier and ensure the safety of your quartz.

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